We are happy to share with you a new Live Outside video from our talented friend Sophia Scott, accompanied by Mermans Mosengo on calabash and Twanguero on guitar. “Beauty and the Flaws” is an original song about self acceptance and living in the moment.

“The message that I want to convey with this song is that although you may be stuck, or comparing, or feeling unaccomplished – this is all part of life and growing.  I wanted to speak to what I believe to be more important, which are the relationships you’ve made, places you’ve been, and experiences you’ve had, because at the end of the day that’s what I think we are really left with. Nobody is perfect! Our imperfections are what make us human and what I believe to make us the most beautiful,” says Sophia.

As you listen to this song, remember to enjoy this journey called life! #ShareTheLove